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Your tab is designed to create opportunities for users to build their earning capabilities through online skill development training programs. You can build career, start a business.

This offer comes with a promise to help you generate money, oppurtunity without having to invest heavily and without dislocating from your roots.

IT / ITES Skill Development Training!

e-Shiksha Skill Development Training Project of Virtual Global Education Limited, targets to train 250 million unemployed youth in IT/ITES Sector.

Availability of broadband services and internet coupled with hi-tech handheld devices such as Tablets, in rural areas has opened a new opportunity for education and employment/self employment for rural youth. E-Shiksha Training Courses will help unemployed youth to get online skill development training and use their new found skills and knowledge to set-up business or services to cater IT/ITES related needs of the local people.
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Renewable Energy - Job / Self Employment Training

A very large part of our country still remaining unelectrified. Even in areas where electricity has reached, the deficiency in supply-demand of electricity and load-shedding and blackouts are quite common. In effect, the quality of power and duration of electricity available in negligible causing difficulties for the people.

India is endowed with excellent natural sunlight. With availability of modern technology in solar energy and cost of solar power increasing reducing, this sector offers huge potential for training rural unemployed youth to work as Energy Officers or Energy Associates.
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e-Agriculture Empowerment Programs

India is predominantly an agriculture economy. With 60% of our country still living in rural areas and heavy dependence on agriculture sector, there is need to integrate new knowledge, new processes and new technologies for improving the agricultural yield so that there is enough incentive for farmers and ROI on agriculture goes up. Further there is dire need for new and modern practices for storage of farm outputs, cut losses in warehousing. In addition, new crops and cropping patterns can transform the rural landscape especially with cash crops. In the chain, a very important area is food processing that can employ large number of rural youth and open up opportunities for self employment.
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