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General Terms and Conditions of Virtual ETab

Virtual Tabs, terms and conditions, for supply of ETabs will be applicable to all offers, quotations, tenders, purchase orders, agreements, confirmation or any other transaction associated therewith.

Purchase and delivery of Virtual ETabs will be governed by the terms and conditions of our Agreements or Contracts with our Distributors/Dealers, Suppliers, Retailers or Buyers, as applicable.

All our offers or quotations shall be valid for a period as specified in our offers and in case where no specific time limit is mentioned, the offer shall deem to be valid for 30 days only from the date of the offer. Virtual Tabs will be at liberty to withdraw, revoke or change the validity within the period of validity.

Virtual Tabs will conform to the specifications and features mentioned for each model as per the order of the buyers. However, the company reserve the right to modify, upgrade, improve or amend the model specifications and features depending upon the changing trends and technology.

The packaging of the ETabs might vary from time to time keeping in view of our policy of continuous upgradation and innovation. We shall, however, maintain total consumer satisfaction in respect of our supplies and services. At no time, Virtual Tabs will compromise on the promise made to our buyers either express or otherwise.


  • Virtual ETabs are supplied against specific orders of buyers and through our Dealer/Distributor Chain. Buyers can take delivery off the shelf against payment through our sales outlets or place orders to the company directly.
  • We assure delivery of quality products to our customers. The instruments are shipped within 48 hours of confirmed payments and depending upon the distance or location, delivery is made within 3-4 days. Shipping details are made available to our buyers for online tracking of the consignment.
  • The delivery is insured against transmit damages. Upon successful delivery of Tablets, buyers are asked to register for online support and warranty. In effect, we remain connected with our customers for ensuring trouble free experience in mutual benefit.
  • In case of circumstances like force majeure or natural disasters, buyers are to bear inherent risks and company will be absolved of responsibility in extraordinary circumstances.
  • Prices

    • Prices in any Offer, Confirmation or Agreement are in Indian Rupee and are governed by the terms and conditions agreed to as part of the purchase order. All taxes, duties and levies payable as per laws will be extra to be paid by the buyer.
    • Prices are subject to change. In cases, where delivery is not taken for long and company revises the prices, the price applicable at the time of delivery will be charged. Buyers will be notified sufficiently in advance in this case. Because of delay by buyers, Virtual Tabs will be entitled to raise the price and charge incidentals involved.
    • Payment

      • Unless otherwise agreed by the parties the purchase price (including any and all taxes, duties or levies) shall become due for payment immediately after conclusion of the Agreement (in advance).
      • Buyer shall not offset, withhold or reduce any payment(s) due by it to Virtual Tabs.
      • In the event of any default by Buyer in the payment of any fees or charges due, or any other default by Buyer, Virtual Tabs shall have the right to refuse performance of any work and delivery of any Products until payments are made and confirmed.

      Rescheduling and cancellation

      Purchase Orders once confirmed shall not be open for cancellation without prior consent of Virtual Tabs. Reasonable flexibility, however, will be exercises in mutual benefit of Virtual Tabs and our customers to ensure smooth relationship on a win-win basis.

      Limited warranty and disclaimer

      • ETabs are covered by warranty as per the Warranty Policy of Virtual Tabs. Under normal use the ETabs shall be covered for twelve months of warranty from the date of delivery. Customers to approach our authorized outlets for service or warranty requirements at their own expense.
      • In case of good return for manufacturing or performance issues, to be reported immediately on receipt of the Tablet, the customers are required to ship the Tablet to our authorized outlet for replacement or repair and return or give credit to customers. In this case, the Tablet returned will become the property of Virtual Tabs.
      • Virtual Tabs will have no obligation for breach of warranty if the defect or non-conformance is found to be due to mishandling, misuse, neglect, improper installation or accident.

      Limited Liability

      In any case, the liability of Virtual Tabs will be limited to the cost of the Tablets only. Under no circumstances, shall Virtual Tab be liable for damages, costs or any other amounts that exceed the cost of the Tablet. Any such liability will further be limited to the period of warranty only and beyond warranty period, Virtual Tabs will not be liable for any cost or liability at all.

      Court of Jurisdiction, Applicable Law

      Court of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from contracts concluded on the basis of these Terms and Conditions shall be the competent court at Virtual Tabs domicile and as per the applicable laws in India